What are Tiny Violences?🔪🤏🏿

It’s a phrase that I made up! It started as a list of complaints, some urgent & cultural others, specific & vague still others, general & niche but all small acts of harm, many external, and others self-inflicted.  Like…

Reading a text message from a friend of a friend, who only really “knows” me from social media, sharing a photo of her daughter’s newest hair cut with the caption, “it’s like your wig.” Immediately I think, “you don’t know me like that.” I don't reply.

I wrote the list as a part of a project called Zine of Small Grievances, and aside from submitting it for a final project for a course I was taking , it lived on the computer, haunting me. The concept never left my mind, because it became a way for me to contemplate some of the irreconcilable experiences of my life, and has helped me better understand some of the consequences of existing and belonging.

Tiny Violences is my attempt to examine some of those instances, and to also to experiment my way through this new life as a writer.

I Think You Should Subscribe🤳🏿

I mean, you’ve made it this far, you might as well.  Tiny Violences will be (for now) a weekly newsletter that’s about identity politics, style, beauty culture, Black visibility, Queer desire, shadiness, literature, and self-reflection but framed through the little violence’s I experience on the day-to-day.  The form will range from short form essayettes, longer form writing (MAYBE), threads where we can interact with one another, photo essays (YEET), and other media that I’ll play with on this platform. So if you like writing-personal irreverent writing-writing by a Queer Black Baddie from NYC then you’re home.

And of course there will be lists!


How’d I Get Here?🔍

I’m one of three of the inaugural Joel Gay Creative Fellowship, sparked by the imagination of (ICON) Roxane Gay, and in honor of her brother. Three friends encouraged me to apply, so I did, and bloop here I’m is.

A Lil About Me 💄

I’m a writer, muse, stylish fashion industry dropout who’s still trying to make peace with the reality that I won’t just do one thing.  I’m in grad school getting my MFA and writing a collection of memoir-ish essays that will at once make my family proud and likely embarrass them and well I guess that means I have moxie.  I’m pretty cool on Instagram.